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Hop on a 60 minute call for a highly collaborative idea creation session.

By comparing your Human Design and Gene Key charts I will be able to channel highly aligned ideas that fit your unique strand of genius.

Your Ideation Session includes:

  • Custom energy activation of 1-2 inner archetypes to help get your creative juices flowing and  connected you to your creative allies!
  • A brainstorming session to decide on an idea that aligns with your design and gets you jumping out of your seat.
  • Practical steps and tools to bring this idea from creation to completion.
  • Suggestions for the allies you might want to partner with to support you in this creation process.
  • Custom closing exercise

"The whole session felt like an energy activation."

- Marley Jameson


Ashley Nichole

Creative Alchemist & Inspiration Agent

Ashley is an advocate for the 64 archetypes she cocreated with Bella.  Her focus is in the area of self-expression and empowerment. She partners with these inner archetypes to assist others in authentic self expression and creation. Self-Mastery and creativity is a large part of her work. 


What Creators
Are Saying


I LOOOOOOVED my ideation session last week! I tend to have millions of ideas floating around my head and I get lost in my own thoughts and then don't put out the awesome ideas that I have because I get so overwhelmed.

Ashley Pfeffer was absolutely ON FIRE as she combined her personal knowledge (of gene keys, HD, and business) and intuitive channeling capabilities to talk to me about who I am as an individual. She gave me an empowering (and focusing) framework through which I could better understand myself and how I best function in my career.

The whole session felt like an energy activation. I still have millions of ideas, but I feel more grounded and like I have an internal sense of how to put them out there in a cohesive way.

Because of where I am in my business, Ashley also helped me to glimpse future possibilities for myself, which was helpful. I now see a larger vision for myself (several years in the future), and a general idea of how to get there.

I will definitely be booking another ideation session with Ashley once I've implemented all that we talked about! So much came through in our session.

Ashley has a great way of talking about big spiritual concepts and then grounding them into tangible actions and practical understandings.

I highly recommend this to anyone else who wishes for an empowering understanding of how they best function! This was a definite business-boosting appointment!


Marley Jameson

Ever experience creator's block?

When the creative juices just aren't flowing anymore, you might just need dynamic conversation and exchange with someone else to get fresh new perspectives and ideas.

Sometimes you just need someone to bounce your ideas off of.A sounding board of sorts.

OR maybe you need some fresh new idea injections to get your project moving and flowing again.

Purchase BRAINSTORM to get Ashley and her creative alchemy and enthusiasm in your DMs.

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