The Gene Keys Journey is an inner adventure to align with your Divine Design so that you can fulfill the role of your soul. Activate your genius in the first path: The Activation Sequence.


Life's Work

  • Teaching Video (51:15)
  • Attunement Meditation
  • PDF Workbook (47 pages)


  • Teaching Video (1:05:55)
  • Evolution Attunement: A Call to Adventure
  • Deep Dive into the Shadow Meditation
  • PDF Workbook (52 pages)


  • Teaching Video (1:05:10)
  • The Lighthouse Activation
  • PDF Workbook (40 pages)


  • Teaching Video
  • 3 Community Call Replays
  • Purpose Sphere Shadow Monster Visualization
  • Chakras in Your Design Intro & Exercise
  • Pathway of Individuation Intro & Exercise

Activate Your Genius Digital Course

What is the Activation Sequence?

This first sequence of the Golden Path is about grounding into your physicality. Step by step it orients you physically into your body into the center of your inner world. Here is where you find your inner purpose and core stability. Alignment with your soul and divine blueprint opens up a field of infinite possibility and potential.


You cannot be successful, impactful or come into your leadership potential without first knowing know you are, what your genius is and how to stay centered and grounded in this knowing so this is an embodied BEING. Activating your Genius is STEP ONE.


In the Activation Sequence, you activate your 4 prime gifts - Life’s Work, Evolution, Radiance, Purpose. These are the pillars of your genius, they encode the living fabric of your destiny and are the seeds of your potential transformation.


Through the Activation Sequence journey you reprogram the way you see yourself, the way you feel within your body, and the way you respond to life. You realize your genius is not what you do but who you are.


You align with your core and find stability in your truth. Internally this is about responding to life rather than reacting to life. Externally core stability has less to do with willpower and muscular power and more to do with the tensile, flexible strength of fascia and your flow in the world.


Richard Rudd explains that core stability is a state of dynamic equilibrium and compassionate clarity that results whenever a person begins to live and move from their deep core.

The 4 Prime Gifts

Life's Work

  • Personality 
  • Role
  • What we are here to do
  • How we serve the world


  • Your biggest challenge
  • Coming back to it over and over again
  • Threading with more love and openness



  • Dictates your health, vitality & aura 
  • Hidden instrument of your intuition
  • GPS that guides you in finding the right experiences and people in life


  • Designed to be unlocked by life
  • Calls upon you to evolve through your challenges
  • Inner essence
  • More being than doing


Radiant Health Codes

Align with your optimal health

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